City of Manchester Outdoor Swim Lessons

Learn-to-swim Level 6: Fitness Swimmer


To refine strokes so participants swim them with more ease, efficiency, power and smoothness and over greater distances


Valid American Red Cross Learn-to-Swim Level 5: Stroke Refinement certificate or successful demonstration of all completion requirements from Level 5. Minimum age is 6 years.

Learning Objectives

  • Increase endurance while swimming the following strokes:
  • Front crawl–100 yards
  • Back crawl–100 yards
  • Butterfly–50 yards
  • Elementary backstroke–50 yards
  • Breaststroke–50 yards
  • Sidestroke–50 yards
  • Demonstrate the following turns while swimming:
    1. Front crawl open turn
    2. Backstroke open turn
    3. Sidestroke turn
    4. Front flip turn
    5. Backstroke flip turn
    6. Breaststroke turn
    7. Butterfly turn
  • Demonstrate etiquette in fitness swimming
  • Discuss and demonstrate how to use the following equipment while swimming:
    1. Pull buoy
    2. Fins
    3. Pace clock
    4. Paddles
  • Describe the principles of setting up a fitness program
  • Demonstrate various training techniques
  • Calculate target heart rate
  • Apply the principles of water exercise

Certification Requirements

  • Demonstrate competency in all required skills and activities, including in-water skills
  • Successfully complete the following exit skills assessment:

1. Swim 500 yards continuously using any 3 strokes of your choice, swimming at least 50 yards of each stroke.

2. Perform the Cooper 12-minute swim test and compare results with the pre-assessment results. (Swim for 12 minutes to cover the greatest distance possible, using whatever stroke is preferred. Rest as necessary, but go as far as possible.)

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