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Important Registration Note:

After completing your payment on please click the link that says to return to this site.
If you do not return via that link PayPal will not send us your registration information; only a record of your payment. Thank you!

Registration and Checkout FAQs

Answers to questions about the registration process and checkout.

I don't understand the long names for each lesson? What do they mean?

Answer: The lesson name consists of the following:

  1. Swimmer skill levels, (see the Lessons Descriptions to determine your swimmer's level).
  2. Then the session number is next.
  3. The letters: D, H and L indicate which pool location the lesson is being held.
     D = Dupont Pool, H = Hunt Memorial and L = Livingston Park

What is a Session?

Answer: The Summer swim lesson program is divided up in to three - two week long sessions. These sessions are Monday through Friday. Each session consists of 10 days of lessons.

  1. Session 1 runs from July 1, 2013 to July 12, 2013
  2. Session 2 runs from July 15, 2013 to July 26, 2013
  3. Session 3 runs from July 29, 2013 to August 9, 2013

When registering what does add a swimmer mean?

Answer: After you click the Register button you will see add a swimmer; this means add your swimmer to the lesson you just selected. After you enter the child's information you can click the "Add Another Swimmer" button to enter another child to the same exact lesson.

If you are trying to schedule your swimmer in another lesson or session you may do this a little later in the registration process. After you are completely done adding swimmers to a particular lesson, fill in the billing contact information; then you will see the "Register for Another Lesson" button. This will take you through the process again of selecting a new lesson and adding swimmers to it.

What is Step 1 in the registration process?

Step 1: Adding your swimmer to a lesson.

After you click the Register button for a lesson that you want, you will go to the Swimmer Information page. This page is where you will fill out roster information for your child. Most fields are self explanatory, except the Guardian fields. The Guardian fields are there to allow us to know the guardian for each swimmer registered. Most times the guardian is the same as the billing person filling out the registration form, but sometimes not. Sometimes a billing person is registering a child for another family or perhaps a youth group. This allows us to associate a child with someone from home.


You may add more swimmers to the selected lesson after you have correctly filled out the information fields. Click the "+ Add Another Swimmer to This Lesson +" button to add the next child. You may do this as many times as you need up until the lesson space has been filled. If the lesson is filled you will need to select another lesson for the remaining swimmers.

 Once you have added all the swimmers you want to register click the "Next> I'm Done Adding Swimmer - Let's enter the Billing Contact!" button. That's a big button. You will now be sent to Step 3: entering your Billing Contact Information.

What is Step 2 in the registration process?

Step 2: Entering the Billing Contact Information.

This page is for entering contact information for the person responsible for paying the registration fees. At the top of this page you will see the name of the lesson you are registering swimmers for. Below that you will see a list of swimmers that you are registering for the selected lesson. You may add another swimmer here if you forgot one in Step 1.

In the Billing Contact Information area you may or may not see the Discount Code field. The rest of the fields are pretty standard. If you leave this page for any reason, (like going back to review a swimmer's information), and then return, you will have to re-confirm your email address and enter the security code again.

Please read the Waiver and Release of Liability carefully before proceeding.


Once you are satisfied with the Billing Contact Information, click the "Next Step> Review what we have entered so far!" button. This will allow to review your Swimmer's Information and the Billing Contact Information before moving on to Step 3.


If everything looks cool click the "Next Step>" button. These are 2 very boring buttons, considering the buttons on the last last couple of pages! Anyhow, this will take you to Step 3: the Registration Cart to view all your registrations and check out.

What is Step 3 in the registration process?

Step 3: Viewing your Registration Cart and Checking out.

On this page you will see all the lessons that you have chosen so far. You may delete any lessons by clicking the red button with the white X, or you may edit any of the lessons by clicking the button with the pencil.

You may also add another lesson to the cart by clicking the "Register for Another Lesson" button. This will bring you back through the steps of selecting a lesson and adding swimmers to it. You will pass through the Billing Contact Information page again. Each time you add a different lesson you will loop around through Steps 1 and 2. That may seem confusing at first glance, but don't worry just confirm your email address and you will move along nicely.


Once are convinced that you have all your swimmers registered in all their lessons and sessions, let's wrap things up by checking out! Click the "Checkout Securely with PayPal" button and you will be securely transported to where you can enter your payment details. Once the payment is successfully applied you will return to our Website and you will receive a confirmation email with your registration details.


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