City of Manchester Outdoor Summer Swim Lessons

We are pleased to announce the opening of registration for the Manchester Summer Swim Lessons! Lessons will now be held at Livingston Pool in Manchester, NH. The swim lessons will be provided by NH Swim School in partnership with the City of Manchester. It's going to be a great summer and the fun begins July 8th! Space is limited so sign up now!


greencheck32 SAFETY - Knowing how to swim is essential for water safety. Formal swimming lessons can help prevent young children from drowning!
greencheck32 FITNESS - Swimming will help your child develop strong muscles and bones, maintain flexibility and promote weight control.
greencheck32 CONFIDENCE - Every step in swimming requires learning something new, and every step helps develop your child's self-confidence and sense of pride.
greencheck32 LIFE SKILLS - Learning to swim can develop essential skills in your child, providing accomplishments which will serve them throughout life.
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